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For every sound there is an opposing sound that neutralises it. This applies also to tinnitus noise. With this new development we have the ability to determine the frequency range of the patient’s tinnitus noise and to create an individualised sound composition for it. The affected person receives his custom-made audio File, which is oriented to the noise in his ear and specifically treats it. More... (about sound therapy)

Function and demo (German)
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With the help of this hearing test we can offer you individualised sound therapy based on your tinnitus noise.

How to proceed:
Listen to various pitch levels, while pressing the various frequency buttons (100 Hz – 11000 Hz). Then write down the frequency that is closest to the sound in your ear. If the frequency of the noise in your ear varies greatly or if you hear various pitch levels, then selects broadband sound therapy with the definition "Diverse Töne/sons/suoni/sounds".

11000 Hz
9000 Hz
8000 Hz
7000 Hz
5800 Hz
4000 Hz
2800 Hz
1600 Hz
900 Hz
600 Hz
300 Hz
100 Hz


Sound therapy for sleep disturbances (for the night)

The Audio-File Sleep is a sound composition that allows the affected person to fall asleep despite the tinnitus noise. Here the requirements for falling asleep were analysed and sounds developed that simulate the methodology of falling asleep. Instruments, key, frequency, audio sequence, heart and body rhythms were transposed exactly.

Sound therapy for blocking noise perception (for the day)

The Audio-File Meditation is a sound composition that puts the body into the correct resonance vibration, decreases noise perception in the ear‚ induces through the pleasant sound the desired relaxation in the affected person, promotes stress reduction and provides relief.

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